About Viewteeful.com

I have been in the clothing and design business for the majority of my working years.  Pictured above is myself, my son and my two most loved friends Rex and Rascal.  The Thursday after Christmas, 2017, we lost both of our best friends, Rascal to a bad heart and Rex to Cancer.  The years, the moments, the laughter that we had with them will always be cherished by both of us!  Coming home to an empty home, as my son is away at college, became almost unbearable.  On May 23rd 2018, I literally felt pulled to the local Animal Shelter.  The thought of another dog is not something I was or am ready to face, as I still shed many tears for Rex and Rascal.  I walked crying through the shelter, left, cried the entire ride home, talked to Laura, a very near and dear friend, and as she headed home for the night she something along the lines of - sometimes in life you just have to go with your gut.  Yes you guessed it, I rushed back to the shelter and got there with 2 minutes to spare before they closed.  I then headed home with Thunder, a rescue kitty, who already made a home in heart before we reached the house, and Thunder is helping me to learn to love again.  Thunder and his brother were found in Cocoa Beach, and his brother was adopted by someone else.  Both are now safe, loved and cherished by new families.  Animals are smart, amazing, loving furry members of our families, and I look forward to the adventures that lay ahead.  I know that Rex and Rascal are looking down at me and laughing and are thinking "She has no idea what she has gotten herself into." .  Adventure leads to fun, which leads to the unknown, which we call life.  


There are many phrases, motivations, posters, etc. in our world today.

There are two that I hold as my guidelines for living my life:

     Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

     Your mood is not determined by the situation, but by your perception of the situation.

Viewteeful.com is going to focus on offering premium tee shirts that will speak to the above statements.  My goal is to offer designs that make you or someone you purchase them for, to stop and think about what is truly beautiful from your view on life.  

Live life on your own terms and through your own life experiences.

Please bookmark our site; our goal is to offer fun & unique items for the ones we love.  Whether it is a gift for someone else or one you give yourself, we hope you will find it here.  We are in the middle of developing new and exciting t-shirt designs, so please bear with us as we transition from a caterpillar to a Viewteeful Butterfly.