Little Things are more Important than we Realize

As you progress through life, do you ever look around you and wonder how you can feel so alone even with so many others close by? Sometimes it is us, our feelings, our pain that we hold onto that keeps us separated from the crowd around us. Perhaps we need to clear our thoughts, take on a new perspective......easy to say, not so easy to do. I have been feeling a little down and out and have been pushing myself to do the massive list of things we are told we are supposed to do to feel better. Ever been there? I got out of my car to talk with a neighbor that I have not seen/talked with in many months. At the end of a short 10 minute conversation, she said that I was one of the most positive people she has ever met. I headed inside, thinking what? Really? With a little reflection, I realized that I do try to take time to talk to others, be kind, help a friend, pick up a piece of trash, etc. Maybe Sister Mary Theresa, teacher, from my High School Science class, knew and taught those of us in her class more than we realized at the time. She had this saying, and I hear it in my head all the time. Please take a minute and think about this - "Little things, on little wings, bear little souls to heaven". Maybe this will work as a tee shirt, if I can up with the right design. Hmmmmm.

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